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The Designer
R.E Haute Couture since 2002

Rabih Edris grew up in a family of three children, in a house where art of sewing prevailed in the presence of his mother who was one of the most famous tailors at that time. Rabih inherited the passion for fashion and started to develop his abilities in Haute Couture designs early in his childhood and went with his creativity with no boundaries.

When he took his 1st steps toward his dream at CAMM Fashion Academy, he didn't know his final ones will be crowned with him coming 1st among his colleagues all over Lebanon.

Filled with energy and hopes he took off with his Haute Couture journey. Nothing comes easy but the vision of having his own Maison de Couture made him work hard surpassing all obstacles no matter how challenging they were and still especially in a controversial town like Tripoli... But for him every woman deserves to be rewarded for her daily hard work and Rabih Edris chose to reward her the way he knows best, designs that suit every woman's career, personality and shape.
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